PAT testing

We offer in house PAT Testing from 49p

More and more of our customers are being required to have all electrical appliances PAT tested.

What is P.A.T testing ?

portable appliance testing (P.A.T) was introduces as an important part of any health & safety measure to insure a set standard across the U.K.

Recent surveys by the British Health & Safety Executive brought to light that a total 25% of accidents of a reportable nature involved portable appliances. If you have portable appliances your Legally responsible to insure your equipment fully complies this reponsibility is on both employers and their employees and still stands if your self-employed.

It is important for everyone to insure that they comply with the regulations set out by the Electricity at Work Regulations. Don't worry it's not hard or expensive.

We can help insure that all the equipment you have meet the regulations and guidelines and help show you the many simple steps you can carry out to make sure that your equipment is safe to use. It can be as simple as 3 basic steps maintaining, inspecting and testing your equipment.

Is my equipment effected?

There are 4 simple guidelines to what equipment will need PAT tested.

  • Where appliances are used by employees.
  • Where a member of the public could use the appliances in venues such as hospitals, schools, Universities, hotels, Conference centres, retail units etc.
  • Where the electrical appliances are supplied or hired.
  • Where the electrical appliances are repaired or serviced.

There are several different levels PAT testing required which is based around the inherant risk incurred if the appliance becomes faulty. This again is totally down to the different type of electrical appliance, the type use and the surroundings it will be used in.

Quick PAT Testing guide for DJ's

"What needs PAT testing?" This is our most commanly received question from our customers. At the moment there is ALOT of myths about what must be PAT tested and what is involved in PAT testing.

The easiest way to think of Portable Appliance testing is it's exactly like an MOT on a car...

wrongMYTH : All items need PAT tested regardless of AGE.

yesFACT : brand new appliances/leads do NOT need PAT testing, similar to how a new car does not require an MOT, it is deamed that it was built to the required standards

The latest craze from certain venues, that clearly don't understand PAT testing, only that it is required for certain equipment, is the PAT certificate.

wrongMYTH : You need to provide your Certificate to the venue or let them photocopy it.

yesFACT : The Edinburgh council provide the strictest guidelines for working in any of their buildings. As approved suppliers and installers of many electrical items to them. We have never been asked to supply any Certificate. Any venue that has this rule, have implemented it them selves for no reason what so ever. The Certificate is for your own guide to keep track of your items and when they may need tested.

How often should I get my items tested?

wrongMYTH : All your items must be tested yearly

yesFACT : The frequency of an items retesting is down to how often that item is used. For instance if you have a back up CD player that you tested and put in a box for 2 years before using again, the frequency of use dictates it doesn't need testing again.



Pat tester hirePegasus Sound & Light can help you with your cheap PAT testing.

We have in house engineers that can help insure that all your equipment is tested to the correct levels required.

We also hire out PAT tester machines, so you can Do it your self. Contact us for more details.

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