DJ Mixer Repair

We have an in house repair department, able to deal with all of your service and repair requirements .

DJ Mixer repairs in Edinburgh

With over 30 years in the industry, no repair is uncharted grounds for us, we have seen and fixed it all, from snapped Pioneer DJM800 Main boards to faulty Allen heath mixers that have had to much fun at a beach party.

We only use 100% authorised and Genuine parts. So no need to worry about your club mixer being patched up with inferior low quality products.

We Deal with all major Professional brands of audio mixers within the entertainment industry, have a problem with a broken or faulty unit contact us now! From Gemini battle mixers to Rane Digital DJ mixers, we can fix any problems or faults at a very competitive rate.

DJ Mixer PAT Testing available in store now. We can PAT test all your DJ equipment in store insuring you have no problems with gigs needing PAT certification.

Preventative Maintence on site callouts are available for customers with fixed installations. Can't bring in the faulty equipment, we will send the engineer to you! We already deal with service contracts all over Scotland from the Highlands to the borders.

DJ Mixer Faults

  • Fader needs replacement / Cleaning
  • Pot Replacement
  • Sound problems
  • Switch & Button Replacement / Cleaning
  • buzzing power supplys
  • Broken PCB
  • Water damage
  • Leaking EQ pots & fader crackle

Pioneer DJ RepairsPioneer dj repairs edinburgh logo

We can repair all Pioneer DJ products, from replacing DJM cue button to a new Pioneer DJM Power supply board. Lost a Pioneer fader knob. Not a problem Contact us now!

All Pioneer DJ equipment repairs can be done in house by our own technicians. Including Pioneer DJ Firmware updates.
Pioneer Cue button fix

DJM-350 - 2 Channel Effects Mixer

The DJM-350 is the perfect entry-level DJ mixer.

djm350 repair

DJM-400 - 2 Channel Effects Mixer
The smallest mixer in the Pioneer range,perfectly portable and great performance, audio quality.

djm400 repair

DJM-400 known Faults :

  • Pioneer DJM-400 mixer turns on, but channels aren't working
  • One Output low on DJM 400
  • Distorted output on DJM 400
  • DJM400 effects Button will not turn on
  • DJM 400 power button does not stay on
DJM-700 (k)- 4 Channel Mid-Range Digital Mixer
A world first in terms of its Effect Frequency Filter, the DJM-700 is dramatically different.
djm700 repair

DJM-700 known Faults :

  • Effects unit on the djm-700 mixer has stopped working properly
  • Snapped line fader
  • Button backlight range broken or dull
  • Djm700 Booth output feedback problem
DJM-800 - 4 Channel High-End Digital Mixer
Creative freedom, complete digital control. Loaded with an amazing array of features and effects.
djm800 repair

DJM-800 known Faults :

  • Analogue line input right or left channel only
  • Beat effects don't function correctly
  • FX button faulty or intermittent
  • Trim knob has broken/snapped off
DJM-909 - 2 Channel Touch-Screen Scratch Mixer
Boasting the most comprehensive effects available in a 2-channel unit and astonishing sound quality.

djm909 repair
DJM-909 known Faults :
  • Optical fader issue - the signal sticks on from the left channel
  • Problems with the Effects switch
  • Crossfader stickin
  • DJM909 replacement screen
DJM-1000 - 6 Channel Installation Digital Mixer
The DJM-1000 is a 19 inch rack-mountable installation-grade mixer.
djm1000 repair
DJM-2000 - 4 Channel Remix Effects Mixer
The new reference in DJ mixers. If you’re looking for a mixer that matches the new CDJ-2000 decks
djm2000 repair
DJM-3000 - 4 Channel 19-inch Rack Mount Mixer
An industry-first Effect Mix Mode that accurately effects phrases in a BPM-linked operation.
djm3000 repair
DJM-5000 - 4 Channel 19-inch Rack Digital Mixer
Mobile DJs need more these days: more flexibility, more compatibility, more possibilities.
djm5000 repair
SVM-1000 - 4-Channel Audio and Video Mixer DJs and VJs: unlock your true AV potential. Designed for use with the DVJ-1000 decks svm-1000 repair

We can also provide insurance quotations for damaged or stolen DJ equipment and lighting.

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We appreciate our customers understanding that we are unable to quote for any repair or service work until one of our technicians have fully inspected the equipment. Although a unit may appear to "just need a new laser mechanism" there are so many components involved in the simplest of DJ equipment functions, that quoting based only your description over the telephone of the fault cannot be taken as 100% the full problem or fault.

The good news is that we have been servicing and repairing DJ equipment for over 30 years with technicians with combined experience to undertake any task. We strive to provide a fair and honest cost along with our top technical expertise in the DJ equipment repair.

Booking a repair

We are happy to take in repairs from anywhere in the UK, so you can send your equipment by post or courier delivery, or you can bring the equipment to the shop personally.

For customers who do not have access to courier services we can arrange collection for you.

We use fully a insured trackable courier service to ensure your pride and joy doesn't break or disappear on it's way home!

We don't charge extra for this service, we will only charge you what the couriers charge us, so don't expect any outrageous "shipping and handling" fee's here.

DJ Mixer facts

Did you know ?

One of the pioneers of DJ mixing equipment design was Rudy Bozak.

Beatmatching and beatmixing with a DJ mixer were first used to ensure dancers didn't leave the dancefloor between songs.

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